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Defending Exposed

by Shopify API 06 Jul 2021






Session Description 

This session is a fantastic session that can really develop a players understanding of how to defend in difficult moments. The practice is very simple, it see’s the red play into the yellow who then needs to drive out and try to break out between the two cones at the far end. This exposes the red who needs to try to win the ball but finds themselves central with the yellow able to go either way of them. We are looking to support players on their positioning and movements to ensure they feel more comfortable defending in these central 1v1 positions.
If the red does win possession back, they need to breakout through the two black cones either side of the yellow player. It is important that the score is kept to make sure the practice is still competitive. 

Showing wide

As the above example shows, the red has shown the yellow wide, before stepping in and winning possession. When defending in an exposed position, it is important that a player is able to show the opponent away from goal with their body position. It is important that the defender try to show the opponent on to their weaker foot (or stronger foot if that players come inside) 

Where and when to step in

Once a defender has committed the opponent to move into the areas they have offered to them, it is important to recognise when and when they can step in and try and win possession. The defender should be looking for triggers of when to win possession, for example a heavy touch, an opponent in mid stride etc. Once the defender is sure that there is the opportunity to win the ball they must be decisive. This means they must be willing to commit 100% to the tackle or interception. At times this will mean taking the ball and the player to ensure only one outcome. 

Session Aims

Session Aim 1

Develop players both in and out of possession who are comfortable attacking and defending in individual 1v1 moments

Session Aim 2

Develop an intensity to the way you attack and defend. How willing are your players willing to work in 1v1 moments, can the intensity be increased?

Individual Aim 

Perfect session for any young footballer of any position or profile. Confidence and conviction in 1v1 moments in vital to success in football and individual moments. 

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