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Dictating The Opponent

by Shopify API 06 Jul 2021






Session Description 

This is an adapted 1v1 defending session that can really have a positive influence on a players ability to defend 1v1. The session is very simple to setup with a goal to the left and the right and the players opposite each other in the middle of the practice. The red plays into the yellow and then looks to instantly press the opponent, again looking to force the opponent one way and get tight to make contact with the attacker as soon as possible.
Because this practice will have width the attacker will need to travel distance to score, this gives the red opportunity to get as tight as possible, make contact and win possession of the ball. If the red wins possession can they go to the other end and score. 


Encouraging players to believe they can dominate with and without the ball is one of the most important factors in football coaching. Here we can see the red has made his or her movements early to try and get between the player and the ball, but is heading away from the centre of the pitch and into the outside channel. This shows control of the game with and without the ball a significantly important trait in football.


When defending your eyes are very important, where you look and what you are looking at will help you understand what your opponent is going to do. Looking at their knees and shoulders will help you pick up clues from their body language as to what their plan is and what adjustments might need to be made to prevent the opponent having success in the 1v1 moments. 

Session Aims

Session Aim 1

Defending exposed is also a component here, the defender has to race out quickly and narrow the angle. This will create brave defenders willing to defend high. 

Session Aim 2

Timing, this is a key component of defending and this will provide the defender with repetitive moments to improve their ability to tackle in 1v1 moments. 

Individual Aim 

Develop the confidence needed to be comfortable defending high with individual responsibility. 

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