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Possession Game 6 v 6 + 3 Gk's score to 3 goals

by admin 02 Sep 2019 0 Comments
Hello Everyone , this is a very good session that i have been using with my Senior team for quiet some time now.The space and number of players can also be modified to suit youth players as well.

This exercise can be very intense as well as a lot of other things can be worked out during this session.A good work to rest ratio is very important along with well defined objective to be achieved by the team.


This session is basically a possession based exercise with 2 teams playing a 6 v 6.The number of players can be increased or decreased to cause an under load or overload within that area.This exercise also focuses on finishing at goal and is a great exercise to involve all the keepers in the team.

Set Up:

- Players are arranged in 2 teams (Red and Blue).The coaches passes the ball to either of the team who try to keep possession of the ball.

- If either of the teams manage to pass 5 consecutive passes then one of the team players can leave the grid and try to score in any of the 3 goals example (Blue Team).

- Once the players leaves the grid to finish at goal the coach passes another ball into the grid and the possession game continues.

- After the players tried to score at either of the 3 goals he must immediately return to the grid.

- Once the (Blue Team) player has left the grid to score in any of the 3 goals there is an overload favor of the (Red Team) which they should take advantage of to create the next attack.

- If the defender wins the ball (Red Team) he has to take the ball and score in any of the 2 small goals in the opposite direction.

- This can also be used as a positional based session.


- 2 or 3 touches per player which increases the intensity of the session.

- The team out of possession can send a player outside the grid (Red Team) to defend 1 v 1 against the (Blue Team) player.

- The team out of possession can send 2 players outside the grid (Red Team) to defend 2 v 2 against the (Blue Team) players.

- The attackers have to finish at goal within 15 seconds of moving out of the grid.

- If the Attacker score in the center big goal it counts as 2 points, if they score in either of the other 2 goals it counts as 1 point.

Coaching Points:

- Good team communication.

- Accuracy and Weight of the pass.

- Good support play and creating various angles of support for the player on the ball.

- Good Decision Making and Accurate Finishing.

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