About Us


In early 2013 a group of professional coaches came together to try and play a part in the development of coaches worldwide. Five years later, we find ourselves at the heart of written coaching content .

70,000+ Customers

A loyal customer base, helping us grow together to improve coaching. 

200,000+ Books Sold

A huge amount of returning customers, enjoying our customer perks and rewards.

16 Book Titles 

An ever growing bank of books to aid with the development of coaches and players.


Since 2013 when we shared our first ideas with coaches in the Uk and USA we have come a long way. We have now produced 16+ different books, with 100's of thousands of copies sold worldwide. We've seen purchases from 100's of different coaches and enjoyed seeing the sessions and ideas being used all over the world. 

      As we move forward from Ebooks to Paperback books, it is our mission to expand our reach and try and support even more coaches across the world. As we move through 2021, we want to try and create more online content for our users. This included with more advanced options for our members to use, this will allow for greater support from TheFootballCoach to coaches worldwide. 

Who is thefootballcoach?

It has long been a secret, as to who TheFootballCoach is and that has been done for good reason. The day to day running has been performed by a group of coaches involved in the professional game across Europe. This includes coaches and Sport Scientist's working a the highest level, with the mission statement of improving coaching worldwide. As we move forward we are looking to bring more and more experience and skill to our team and partnering with individuals to release new content that is different from any other content on the internet. This includes individuals who are specialists in areas such as the Teenage Brain. These partnerships will allow us to continue to thrive, and allow us to improve coaches in many different ways. This will ensure that TheFootballCoach experience is a unique and unrivaled opportunity for coaches and football professionals. 

"Creating a Better Tomorrow Through An Educated Today"